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Brewing without the right gear is a pain.
Today i was all organised, had studied up and knew what i was going to do, ran the figures through the programs and everything was looking good.

Due to ripping my bag last brew i was back to my old smaller one, so i mashed in my 30l pot, no biggie really.

But then my calc for the strike temp was off, slipped by me because i have just stopped doing full volume mashing ( long story but it sucks and makes beer astringent). So i run an infusion calc, boil the jug and hit the mash with it.

All sounds good but then the thermometer goes nuts, telling me my mash is at 80° and air temp is 45°, so i now have no idea what temp my mash was or how well it held its temp.

This brew for comparative purposes is now useless.

What a pain, all because of a useless bloody thermometer.

Ah well, at least i will get beer out of it, and hopefully the infusion calc was spot on.

Rant over.

In good news my step drill bit showed up today so I can start building my 3 vessel.

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Comment by Harry on December 22, 2015 at 6:04pm
And to top it off i took the chiller out too soon because i needed to use the stc to take the temp so now i have beer in the fermenter at 21° and im using lager yeast so having to chill it with the fridge which is just a bad idea.


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