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Four of a kind – Epic Armageddon’s winning hand

The trophies keep piling up for Epic Beer’s Armageddon IPA, which has claimed its fourth major crown in less than a year after it was named best in class at the New World Beer and Cider Awards.

And to seal Epic’s position as this country’s leading producer of hop-driven beers, Epic Pale Ale also brought home a trophy for the best pale ale, defending the title it won in…


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The Imp Has Been Released

Epic IMP, has just been released in time for the coming summer holiday season.

Brewed as a session IPA, it is SMALL (4.7% alc/vol) and MISCHIEVOUS (generously dry hopped like an IPA. It has more dry hop than the Epic Armageddon IPA).

When poured the aroma hits you with sweet ripe summer stone fruit and…


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An Epic beer label  generally has inside jokes, references to popular culture and memes (we like to have fun, be a bit silly, but clever at the same time. Tasting notes aren't always that valuable, as it is so subjective, and you can find plenty of peoples thoughts about taste online on beer rating websites.)



“One Trick Pony” was a comment made by Phil Cook, Beer Writer of the Year 2012 in a…


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Beer Baroness and Epic Beer Lady Danger Launch

Swiftly after the release of her Garam Masala Stout the Beer Baroness is returning to the taps with another stunning collaboration beer - 'Lady Danger'.

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Epic Beer 2011 Top 10

At the end of each year I do a quick sum up of the top 10 things Epic Brewing Company has done over the previous 12 months (check out the previous years Top 10 – 2010, 2009, 2008)


1. Kelly…


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RealBeer.co.nz, Wyeast and supporting the brewing community

Here are a few things about Wyeast, RealBeer.co.nz and the company previously called Nicholford Brewing Company


Wyeast - some background

- Available in New Zealand since 1997

- First imported by Luke Nicholas for brewing at Cock & Bull brewpub, then supplied to other brewers and homebrewers along with malt and hops, out the back door of the brewery.

- Orders of FRESH yeast every 2 months

- Direct from lab, most cases brewers receive yeast…


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Join Us On Tour, For A Beer - NZ Craft Beer TV

As we travel around the country we plan to also visit some of the great craft beer bars this country now has. But what makes these bars great and successful is the awesome customers they have. Because these people love craft beer. Just like us.


So we invite you to come join us, after a busy and taxing day filming at breweries ;-) , to have a beer. We would love to meet some of the great fans of craft beer, to balance this TV series. Like meeting the people on the other side…


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The Malthouse Epic Tap Takeover - 15/12/10

The Malthouse Epic Tap Takeover - 15/12/10

15th December 2010
The Malthouse
48 Courtenay Place,…

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Beer sign on school bus - SST article - Setup or real story?

Today I was surprised to be reading the Sunday Star Times and find an article that had stemmed from a Twitpic http://twitpic.com/2znukp I had posted on Twitter a week before. What I thought was an innocent mistake and a bit of a laugh, has made the national weekend newspaper.

Really people, this is news?

So I have some thoughts about this.

1. if this makes the news, then we live in a really fantastic, easy…


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Dear Sunday Star Times Editor

Dear Sunday Star Times Editor

Thanks for running the article “Pub turf war has small brewers in a froth over the two big players” by Esther Harward - Sunday Star Times on Sunday 29th August 2010 about the situation regarding the small breweries battle trying to get their beer on in bars and restaurants against Lion & DB’s anti-competitive… Continue

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BEERVANA – A Beginners Guide

Beervana is the one time of the year that you can visit a single location in New Zealand and try the largest range of New Zealand brewed beers in one place. On offer there will be over 160 different beers from all around the country.

The benefits of this are you get the freshest beer from nearly every brewery in NZ, you get to discover many small breweries you may not have heard of and even less likely to visit them in… Continue

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Three Cities x Three Bars = Awesome Craft Beer in California

Anyway, my travels took me to three major Californian cities that have
some really great beer bars. So as a quick guide for others traveling to
these cities. This isn't a definitive guide, as there are many more
great beer places, but these places were at the top of my wish list, and
came with many recommendations from people that know.

Full Post

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[REVIEW] Australian Interntaional Beer Awards 2010

In case you missed my rant about the AIBA awards, the dinner, the judging, etc, then head to my personal blog


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Luke's 2010 USA Trip - Part 1 - San Francisco

I needed a place to record my recent trip to the USA to answer all those questions people have asked me about it.

The main reason for my trip was to judge at the 2010 World Beer Cup, then attend the Craft Brewers Conference. I thought I would take the time before the event to check out the beer scene in the US since it had been two years since I had been there.

So this first part is my few days in San Francisco.

Living in New Zealand and flying to… Continue

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Barrels with Epic Beer in them

I thought I would do a quick post here to answer some questions about what I am doing with the barrels in the brewery. So some stats

I purchased 12 x American Oak, Medium Toast barrels (225 litres each)

They were first filled on 19th February 2010 with some Epic Armageddon IPA

Today 19th April 2010 they were emptied back into a unitank and will be chilled down before filtering and bottling next week.

So IPA was on the wood for 2… Continue

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Weekend of beer in Brussels (Spring 2009)

I just found I never posted or actually finished this blog post. So I am just going to post it as is. I am now working on my recent US trip, hopefully it won't take a year to finish and go live

Date: 18th & 19th April 2009

People: Luke Nicholas (Epic), Colin Mallon (The Malthouse) and Derek "Analysis" Walsh (International Beer Judge, including BrewNZ Beer Awards 2007)

So how did we get to this point, a little background maybe. Well I was in London for a follow… Continue

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So Tell Me More About Epic Armageddon IPA

This series of videos explains the story behind the origins of Epic Armageddon I.P.A., The West Coast IPA Challenge, the reasons for putting Epic Armageddon I.P.A. into oak barrels, naming them Pete & Melissa before putting them… Continue

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Craft Beer Surge - Letters To The Business Editor - Sunday Star Times - 12 July 2009

Craft Beer Surge - Sunday Star Times - 12 July 2009

Dear Tim

Re: Recession Bites Grog Sales – Sunday Star Times 28th June, 2009

I was surprised to read this article which does give the point of view

of the large brewers in this country and the commodity they sell

called beer. It is easy for consumers of this type of product to trade

down in… Continue

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24 Craft Beers + 1 Afternoon sampling

The following was Twittered live yesterday afternoon via http://twitter.com/epicbeer Doing a brewers pre-judging for beer awards via BeerNZ, out of thes beers, medal winners would be Tuatara Helles and Invercargill Biman

Out of this round I would medal the Twisted Hop Sauvin Pilsner and Invercargill Stanley Green

Only medal from me in this round Mussel Inn Captain Cooker… Continue

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Epic Halcyon at Thornbridge

Still all go and we’ve just finished an awesome collaboration with Luke Nicholas of Epic Brewing Company over in New Zealand. Luke was over here to launch and promote Epic Pale Ale which he had been invited to brew with Everards Brewery in Leicester as part of the JD Wetherspoons International Real Ale Festival. Luke is a highly awarded New Zealand brewer with a vast amount of experience. He has twice brewed beers that have won the Supreme Champion Beer of New Zealand (including Epic Pale Ale,… Continue

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