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New Zealand

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Favorite Beers?
Hopwired IPA, Invercargill Pitch Black, Tuatara Hefe, Epic Mayhem, Mikes Mild Ale, 8Wired Saison Sauvin, Bumaye, actually anything Soren makes...Liberty Darkest Days, Three Boys Best Bitter, Panhead Black Sabbath, a few Ive brewed and have never managed to replicate again..cunt.
Favorite Breweries?
Tuatara, Three Boys, Yeastie Boys, 8 wired, Liberty, Panhead
Favorite Bars/Pubs?
Twisted Hop, Pomeroys, Ruakura Club, Canterbury Uni Staff Club, Mighty Mighty, Vultures Lane, Brothers, Hashigo, Galbraiths, Hallertau, Mussel Inn
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Product designer, beer lover, bogan.

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  • Tom Innes

    Sure Nick, How about one day this week? We could meet at the staff club for a drink and then wander back to our place for a look.
  • Tom Innes

    Sorry to hear that Nick. Sure, next week is fine. Just get back to me when you are ready.
  • Pilgrim

    Gidday mate,

    Liam told me you'd taken over the fermenter business. I bought one of his smaller prototypes and gave him a hand with proof-reading the instructions. If you need any help just sing out, only too pleased to help if I can.

    You can contact me on