Brewery for sale. Advice needed

Ever dreamed of taking that hobby and turn pro at least at the weekend. I did it 7 years Go. Slowly building tank after tank. I started making 100 ltr batches and 2 120ltr conical fermenters. I went professional with the licenses and permits. Amazing seeing your own beer in the supermarket.

Anyway now I have build it up to 400 ltr batches in a HERMs system all electric. Complete with 20 ft chiller shipping container.

So due to my health I am struggling. Ideally I could use an intern to learn the ropes and either run it and take the money or buy it off me once they are ready.  

  1. I will sell it cheap as chips to anyone who want to learn. Down side is its on the south island. But will all fit in double garage plus container .
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    Sarah Johnson

    Hey Don John,

    We are a small brewery looking to expand... 400L would be perfect and we are in the South Island! Yay! Can you give me an email or call...

    Sarah 02108677464 or at the brewery business hours 037686737

    I'd love to learn more.