Sawmill IPA recipe


Has anyone here tried to brew a clone of Sawmill's IPA? It's my favorite beer at the moment so I'm keen to brew something similar. It's also possibly the most perfectly balanced beer I've ever tasted so I could probably learn a lot from finding out how it is brewed.

Description from their website:

Pale golden colour with a foamy white head. Light biscuity malt notes carry the hops. A mix of American Citra and NZ Cascade hops give the beer a bright and vibrant citrus burst. Crisp and drinkable. Lower in alcohol than most IPAs.

Gives hop info but nothing on the malts used. I'm guessing around 5-7% of light crystal and possibly some Munich too?

Can anyone help me out with any info on this?



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    Nick Good

    I would be interested as well.

    Got given some recently and is truly delicious.

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      May have a stab at this ben, you been brewing since 2016??