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I want to be sure you all have enough time to brew this one because it's going to be a popular category!

Saison will be judged according to the NHC descriptions which can be found here:

https://nhc.soba.org.nz/styles Category 5I 

I have calculated our next date should be Saturday 28th March. Same place/time (Hallertau, 3PM)

Do let me know if you have an entry so I can be prepared. Also, let me know if you want to be added to the email list. I am usually better at communicating this way.

Good Luck!


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What are your thoughts on a slight rule change: As usual, 1st place gets the cash, 3rd gets to choose next style. But we keep leaving out anything for poor 2nd runner.

Any objections to 2nd place getting their entry back?

Saison bubbling, split yeast across 3711   m27 and 565

Sounds good to me.

Perhaps 2nd could double their money?

Sounds fair to me.

Sorry guys, not going to make the Saison comp. The winning beer is made and tasting spectacular but I've got other commitments. 

haha - winning beer eh?? We'll just have to take your word for it.

Wheres your commitment man!

Bugger - I'm not going to make it either. Unless it pours down and the festival is cancelled.

Bad form I know, since I was the who chose the style - but a happy wife, means a happy life!!

Which festival is this, Dan?

Remember you can always send your entry in with another attendee. 

How many entries do I have, anyway? Let me know if you have an entry

Simon and I have an entry on the ready...... Won't make any wild claims...but quietly happy with the creation.....


I bottled saison/s yesterday, making it always seems a challenge these days with family events but keen to try.


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