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The next WBC competition will be on Saturday, 9th November 3PM. Steve, at Hallertau has again offered the use of the Brewery for our event. He knows how much we all like the shiny.

Before I get into the style you will note we are doing this in NOVEMBER. Get your brew in quick!

We have decided to do these events 2-monthly instead of 3 monthly but because the event after would be at Christmas, I have adjusted a bit. If you have issues let me know.

Every other style will be a CLONE - just to make it fun. Our clone competition will be 25th January - clone is Macs Sassy Red (see next discussion)

Thanks to Anatole for choosing an excellent style for our next comp: the Dark Mild

According to BJCP (style 11A)

        11A. Mild

Aroma: Low to moderate malt aroma, and may have some fruitiness. The malt expression can take on a wide range of character, which can include caramelly, grainy, toasted, nutty, chocolate, or lightly roasted. Little to no hop aroma. Very low to no diacetyl.

Appearance: Copper to dark brown or mahogany color. A few paler examples (medium amber to light brown) exist. Generally clear, although is traditionally unfiltered. Low to moderate off-white to tan head. Retention may be poor due to low carbonation, adjunct use and low gravity.

Flavor: Generally a malty beer, although may have a very wide range of malt- and yeast-based flavors (e.g., malty, sweet, caramel, toffee, toast, nutty, chocolate, coffee, roast, vinous, fruit, licorice, molasses, plum, raisin). Can finish sweet or dry. Versions with darker malts may have a dry, roasted finish. Low to moderate bitterness, enough to provide some balance but not enough to overpower the malt. Fruity esters moderate to none. Diacetyl and hop flavor low to none.

Mouthfeel: Light to medium body. Generally low to medium-low carbonation. Roast-based versions may have a light astringency. Sweeter versions may seem to have a rather full mouthfeel for the gravity.

Overall Impression: A light-flavored, malt-accented beer that is readily suited to drinking in quantity. Refreshing, yet flavorful. Some versions may seem like lower gravity brown porters.

Comments: Most are low-gravity session beers in the range 3.1-3.8%, although some versions may be made in the stronger (4%+) range for export, festivals, seasonal and/or special occasions. Generally served on cask; session-strength bottled versions don’t often travel well. A wide range of interpretations are possible.

History: May have evolved as one of the elements of early porters. In modern terms, the name “mild” refers to the relative lack of hop bitterness (i.e., less hoppy than a pale ale, and not so strong). Originally, the “mildness” may have referred to the fact that this beer was young and did not yet have the moderate sourness that aged batches had. Somewhat rare in England, good versions may still be found in the Midlands around Birmingham.

Ingredients: Pale English base malts (often fairly dextrinous), crystal and darker malts should comprise the grist. May use sugar adjuncts. English hop varieties would be most suitable, though their character is muted. Characterful English ale yeast.

Vital Statistics: OG: 1.030 – 1.038
IBUs: 10 – 25 FG: 1.008 – 1.013
SRM: 12 – 25 ABV: 2.8 – 4.5%

Commercial Examples: Moorhouse Black Cat, Gale’s Festival Mild, Theakston Traditional Mild, Highgate Mild, Sainsbury Mild, Brain’s Dark, Banks's Mild, Coach House Gunpowder Strong Mild, Woodforde’s Mardler’s Mild, Greene King XX Mild, Motor City Brewing Ghettoblaster       

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Provided you pay $10 for each entry can you enter twice?

Yes. I know several people who do this each time.

I'm looking forward to making  this :)


I thinking it'll be a bit of a challenge to get a tasty low alc,  low hop beer made...


A nice example of this made locally is the Parrot Dog Dogg.

I haven't seen any in bottle though- have only tried it from tap.

Jamil podcast on Mild



and this sounds almost too good to be true

ABV 3.4% Oakwell Dark Mild 


At 3.4% ABV, it is ideal for those seeking a lower strength beer without wanting to compromise on taste. Brewed using a blend of finest Maris Otter and Flagon malts, Crystal malt and choicest Fuggles and Goldings. It is an easy drinking traditional mild, with a light roast malt or caramel character in aroma.

Oakwell Dark Mild has a good reputation, being well regarded by mild drinkers everywhere and has developed a very loyal following. It has been produced for many years and demand has continued during the decline of the mild market.

I will bet money now my scoresheet will read differently


I didn't realise a dark mild could be so dark....

Wow that is dark.

I've brewed my first attempt at a dark mild this morning! Could be a good one for a Limbo entry too. Really looking forward to this one as I've never brewed a mild before but have been wanting to for ages. It's a shame we can't serve this on hand pump for the judging eh?

1 dark mild in the fermenter.

Well I'm just trying our first effort..... I think a little more boozy than I wanted...but very tasty!

Will need to do another before the comp I think as I'll have drunk this before November!

mine went in pretty light 1.036 OG   I don't think it super attenuated, will read tomorrow.   First one was Fuggles, thinking Nugget if I have a 2nd attempt here...  and a possible no sparge attempt.

One dark mild bubbling away happily. 

What time is the judging usually finished? I've got something planned that evening. I definitely want to be there this time!


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