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Mike choose (with a little influence) the next style as Tutarara's Ardennes:

This also aligns with AGWB clone of the year competition (October).

Okay - as usual, all are welcome to enter and/or attend

Entries are 10$ each with judging starting around 3PM at Hallertau.

Let me know if you have an entry so I can plan.

Also let me know if you are tired of the clone concept. We can always change depending on what you want.

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Ok, so it's Monday.

Results are as follows:
5 entries, scores ranging from 13 - 39. 

Judges were Greig and Phil and the question was if they should judge to how the remember the beer to be a couple years back, or to the sample we had on hand that day. Obviously, it needed to be to the example we had because of bias and memory is not reliable.

Rhys would have one if it had been based on memory. Instead, he came in 2nd and Mike took first place. Since Rhys was not there on the day, Mike took the whole pot.

Now: We have decided to abandon the clone category unless someone really wants to pick it. We will instead go back to selecting a style. 

Tom, who came in 3rd has selected Pilsner as the next style. Competition will be mid  to late January.

Start brewing!



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