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As always, thanks to Hallertau for putting us up for these competitions. Our next style will be Extra Special Bitter: Category 1C - description can be found at SOBA NHC if you want a google search - or below.

Extra Special Bitters are amber to deep copper colored. Chill haze is allowable at cold temperatures. Fruity-ester aroma is acceptable. Hop aroma is medium to medium-high. The residual malt and defining sweetness of this richly flavored, full-bodied bitter is medium to medium-high. Hop flavor is medium to medium-high. Hop bitterness is medium to medium-high. Mild carbonation traditionally characterizes draft-cask versions, but in bottled versions, a slight increase in carbon dioxide content is acceptable. The overall impression is refreshing and thirst quenching. Fruity-ester and very low diacetyl flavors are acceptable, but should be minimized in this form of bitter. The absence of diacetyl is also acceptable. Body is full. English and American hop character may be specified in subcategories.


OG 1.046 — 1.06
FG 1.01 — 1.016
ABV 4.8 — 5.8
IBU 30.0 — 45.0
SRM 8.0 — 14.0

We're looking at 25th July for this competition. Let me know if there are major conflicts.


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I'll be keen for this if I get my new brewing space (garage) sorted in time.

So who's in? I am.

Unfortunately I didn't get my space sorted in time so I've not brewed anything. I'll have to join in next time.

I've got two ready to go already!

I have a beer so I'll be there

I don't have a beer for this, but I'll come along anyway, so am happy to Steward if required.

Thanks, that would be great

Also - anyone coming in from around Mt Wellington - Maree? Andrew needs a lift if possible

Hi there, I have an ESB, count me in!

This will be my first time at Western Brewer's Conference - what time do you meet?

Entries to Barb by 3pm.

I'm sure Barb will be there this time. Teehee.

...the lack of a witty retort has me concerned. Barb?

What? I'll be there. Unless my phone dies or I see something shiny....


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