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So over a couple of pints with Dale a little earlier, we talked about the idea of having a brewers meetup. Not thinking about a couple of pints at the Malthouse, but a hands on day of brewing at someones house. Pretty much all my gear is portable, and I reckon others are too. We just need a space to brew (which unfortunately puts me out of the running since I won't have a place to live in 2 weeks time). What say you all? Any volunteers for lending their space out for the day sometime before Christmas? Obviously new brewers would be welcome to come along and get advice/assistance.

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I've more or less got garage space, but the electric won't support more than one electric device at a time!, Certainly interested in a brew-up. All my stuff portable too, but happy to be assistant brewer to someone else.
I'm keen. Not sure if I could do a full day (family first) but certainly happy to drop in, meet some brewers and assist any way I can.
Planning on doing my first AG batch in the next few weeks. To see a brew and get some tips from experienced brewers would be great!
{thread jack}

If anyone's interested I'm meeting a couple of guys I brew with down at The Malthouse tomorrow lunch time. Hopefully there's a bit of Golden Ticket left to try.

I'll be there from about 12 - 1:30. If you're in the area drop in.

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i'm popping in tonight
work -> hashigo 4pm -> malthouse 5pm -> regionals tasting 6pm!!!
Nice crawl. You won't be tasting much by 7!
one beer in each bar... i'll be ok
I'd be real keen on coming to a brew day. If only to even observe and learn
As I told Glynn when he ran the idea past me, I'm keen to come along. I doubt my place is a suitable venue though (problems with water supply and drainage) also not 100% i'd be able able to lug my gear anywhere (I do double batches).
Still, it'd be great to check out others setups and processes and generally talk brewing :-)
What day would you guys like to do this?

I can run it by my wife.

One half of my garage is clear, and I also have the rumpus room.
Should do the event a week or two after the WBC, at least we would of all had the chance to meet up and throw some ideas around.


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