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Lets revisit this CS idea, i used to really enjoy this...  I will run it and try to loop in a WGTN base and a CHCH base for distribution...

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The process goes something like this:

  1. Brew a beer you're proud of and want other brewers to try and give feedback on.
  2. Post your recipe as a separate thread in the NZ case swap group - feedback from others'll be posted under your own recipe thread.
  3. Bottle it up in 750s - plastic bottles are best as they have to be shipped around the country using "smash and stomp" courier service.  Plastic being lighter also keeps the costs down a bit too. 
  4. How many you send in will depend on the interest we get ----> total number to contribute = number of brewers in the swap minus 1
  5. Get your beers to a central point under your own steam.
  6. The organisers then make up a bundle of mixed cases and send them out. 
  7. Receive your case, chill, drink and enjoy while giving feedback on the beer to the brewer via their CS recipe thread.

I'm happy to be the Auckland depot again this time around. 

If we get a few interested from Wgtn/ ChCh or elsewhere it might be good to have local "hubs" and organisers there too.  Shipping with NZ post to Auckland (assuming this is the only depot as it was last time, that we've got 13 brewers and everyone is using PET bottles not glass is about $20 from the North Island and $35 from the South.  

Redistribution costs split over the lot of us came to about $10 each. 

I could be into this, so can it be any style of beer? How many in so far?  

I am keen to get this going again - good on ya Peter!


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