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Saw in the paper on the weekend that Mount Brewing Company is having a homebrewers meeting this Thursday (22/8/13) at 7:30pm (I have to check the time!)

I'm going to try and get along to it, just thought I'd put it up here just in case you guys wern't aware of it happening.


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Thanks for the heads up Matt, Will try and make it there and meet a few like minded people

Thanks Matt. i will be there! look forward to meeting you and hopefully some others from the mt realbeer group too. 

Hey guys, look forward to meeting up. I just checked out the Facebook page and they just posted this update:

Hello Home Brewers.

Looks like we will have a good turn out for our first club meeting this Thursday at 7.30pm.  (Remember to RSVP to weste.bay.home.brewers@gmail.com if you are going to attend)

Our meeting will be held inside the Mount Brewing Co brewery (107 Newton Rd), entrance in on the side of the building about 15 meters past the entrance to the bar.  We are planning to put on drinks and some snacks.

Looking forward to meeting all you all.

Catch you guys on Thursday.

Hey Matt, did you get along to this?  I have been away a lot recently for work, so haven't been able to make recent catch ups (or brew beer) :(

It was really good, pretty big turn out as well! About 30 odd brewers. Meet up with Peter but didn't bump into Leon (I think I saw your name on the sign up sheet). There was some good homebrews to be had on the night!
Long story short they are looking to hold mouthly meetings at the brewery behind Brewer's bar (last Thursday of the month I think). $20 annual membership and $5 a night to cover things like tastings, etc.
I'll post up the latest email when I get to a real computer.

hi Matt, yeah man i was there. i didnt know who the guys from this group were. the brewers club sounds like it could be cool aye! picked up a new 100lt pot this morning , awesome!!!!

Just FYI, the email regarding the next meeting is below. Some other emails have been bouncing round, I guess if you don't want to miss any updates email western.bay.home.brewers@gmail.com to get on the mailing list.


Great to meet you all last night.  Its was pretty exciting to have so many people into brewing beer all in the same room!! 

I am looking forward to our next meeting, which I have penciled in for.... 7:30pm Thursday 26th September @ Mt Brewing Co Brewery

I have taken a look at your favour beer styles and the most popular is Pilsner, so next meeting we will go through how to brew this style and then we can have a competition on who can brew the best Pilsner to be judge at our November meeting. We will also brew a special Pilsner between now and then and have it on tap for you to try.

We can also have a closer look a one of the main ingredients of beer  - Malt.

Bring along: $5 cover charge, $20 membership fee and some home brews to drink.

I will send out a few more emails soon covering:

  • Club night content      suggestions
  • Grains and hops available      from Mt Brewing Co
  • Volunteers to help organise      club night
  • Pub night

Cheers Janine (& Steve)

Cheers guys.


Cheers Matt.  Timely, as I have been thinking that I should have a crack at a pilsner!


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