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$50+GST / month


Hey guys

Any all grain brewers here?

Im getting 2x 30kg sacks of Gladfield Malt delivered but can get upto 300kg for the same shipping costs.

Is anybody keen for any? $50 + gst per 30kg + share of shipping ($55+gst for upto 300kg)

Let me know if anybody is keen, I am looking to get order sorted early next week.

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Hi Arron, Nice to see another member, This is the sort of info sharing I'd hoped for, As it happens I dropped into Brewers bar yesterday and got talking to Steve the new brewer there, They are happy to sell malt and hops to local home brewers, I think he is selling sacks for $75 or by the Kg for $4 and you can put it through their mill, they also sell hops for $8/100g. By my quick calcs thats about the same as your deal, and probably less hassle. He said he is keen to get an email list happening to let the locals know whats available on a monthly basis, so might be worth having a chat with him, they all seem like a real nice bunch of fellas down there too. I've been using brewshop in hamilton but I'm gona change to those guys, good to keep it local eh.

Popped in and saw Steve at Brewers Bar yesterday. Great guy, more than happy to help and they have a great range of malts and NZ hops, will definitely be using him in the future.

If anyone want's a refractometer and wants to split the postage I'm buying one from ebay shortly, they are $24.45 each plus $12 postage.


Hi Rhyno, that sounds good, get sick of waiting for samples to cool down to 20 C ! let me know your acc # and I'll put the money in when you are ready to order.



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