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Following up on a promise to host the next round of the Limbo comp I'm popping a pin in the calender for 6 April 2014.  How does this suit with everyone?

We would, however, be breaking with tradition and moving the competition over the bridge and away from the Shore.  If there is a ground swell of protest to this I'm only too happy for someone on the Shore host instead. 

Proposing to keep the format the same as last time (3rd -1pt, 2nd - 2pts, 1st - 3pts; everyone judges)

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So, are we still on for Sunday? What's the address?
And time?
Are you going to put a time and address on it Matt?
Great minds Mr P!
Sorry for the lack of communication of late, I broke my (dominant) hand last week which has out me out of action a little.
Address for Sunday is 16a Aldersgate Road, Hillsborough. If you go along Hillsborough road past SH20 we are the next left after the cemetery / Richardson Road. Front house, steep drive so parking on the road is the best bet.
Lets shoot for a 3pm kick off, if everyone can bring a jug for their entry that would be great.
Ill see how the hand is going closer to the time, if its ok ill soak up the wood fired oven for some pizza.
Cheers, Matt - cell is 0210745342 if anyone needs to get in touch.
Sweet. See you then.

So the count currently stands at Damien, Dash 6, Maree, Richard (in absentia), Dave and myself.
If there is anyone else planning on attending please let me know so I have some idea of numbers.
Look forward seeing everyone on Sunday.

Hey fellas, my flatmates have helpfully demolished the keg that I was planning to enter. Sorry :( There's something else that would suit but it's still in a carboy. I'll see if it's acceptable but otherwise count me out.

So who won? Unfortunately I didn't get my arse in gear - I have a sub 4% beer on tap at the moment as well!

Matt won with an APA and Tom (Dash6) took out 2nd and 3rd places with a dry stout and some kind of pale ale. What's that been: 3 for Richard and 2 for Matt? Looks like we're going to have to pull our socks up!

Really good quality beers this time. Thanks for hosting Matt. Next time it's Tom's place.


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