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Following up on a promise to host the next round of the Limbo comp I'm popping a pin in the calender for 6 April 2014.  How does this suit with everyone?

We would, however, be breaking with tradition and moving the competition over the bridge and away from the Shore.  If there is a ground swell of protest to this I'm only too happy for someone on the Shore host instead. 

Proposing to keep the format the same as last time (3rd -1pt, 2nd - 2pts, 1st - 3pts; everyone judges)

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The 6th is good for me. 

The format was good last time. The only change I'd suggest would be to only have slots for 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the paper with room for notes below. There was some confusion last time about where to write points/placings.

I'll be overseas, but I'll send something in regardless.


Hi to all the sub 4% brewers.  Just a reminder that we have 6 weeks this Sunday to the next round of the Limbo Comp.  

Dave & I have an entry sitting in secondary at the moment & another entry to be brewed in the next week or so.  

Gah! A couple of weeks ago I brewed a 1.036 beer (the arse end of a parti gyle with Tom) but I'm using a wild yeast and the monster has taken it down to 1.004. I'm going to have to try again but start at something closer to 1.030.

Ah.. that's a bugger... 1.006 would have just had you sneak in there! 

Potentially keen. Will have to see if I can get something brewed in time. Current brews are in the 4s :)

Hi All, we have just under two weeks to running under the proposed date for the sub-4% comp in Auckland - however we have had limited responses.

Could we have a straw poll for keeping this date or deferring into May if people need a little more time?

My beer will just be ready in time. I'm away for most of May and the beer won't be as fresh then :P

I'm still good for this date but am flexible if others need more time.

I'm flexible also - worst case I'll just need to whip up another sub-4% batch - not exactly a hardship!

I've got it in the diary and beer's good to go.

I haven't brewed for it but by chance I do have a couple of sub 4s lying around. Not sure I'll be able to make it in person but I'll send in an entry in absentia if I can't make it.


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