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The 4th Limbo competition will be held at 34a Potter Avenue in Northcote on 13 October 2013 starting at 2pm. Bring family and/or friends to help judge. Bring light nibbles if you like. Bring a jug for each beer you enter.

We'll loosen up the judging criteria this time and simply have people pick their 1st, 2nd and 3rd favourite beers which will be allocated 3, 2 and 1 points respectively. The beer with the most points wins. Also, we'll pour all the beers at once so people can go back and compare.

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing what gems come out this time.

Viva la session beer!

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I'll have a beer for it.

So far Maree, Martin, Richard (current reigning and undefeated champion), Tom and myself. Game on!

I'm in too.

Yay! It's about time you made your re-entry to brewing.

I have brewed this year. Twice!

I'd like to have a crack too.  October 13th booked.

Interesting.  I have an idea in mind, might have a crack.

If you don't mind a couple of fairly new brewers having a bite, then my brother-in-law & I will have a beer for it. At least 15 gravity points below anything I've ever made...

The more the merrier!

Provided we are free of any fermentation troubles we will have a beer prepared, just snuck in at 1.039SG with plenty of specialty malts. Would a growler filled from the keg be ok for entry?

Nice one! It doesn't really matter what vessel you use. Bring a jug if you can and we'll try to self-serve all beers from jugs.

If I get a move on my Dark Mild entry for the next WBC comp will come along...  clock is ticking.


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