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Long live session beer!

So, when is this going to be? I recall that Tom (AKA Dash 6) indicated he was keen to host this one. Tom, want to put a pin in the calendar for this?

A couple of us discussed the format and had a few ideas to improve it. How about this:

  • As per the inaugural event, all the entries are randomly numbered and decanted into jugs. This will allow us to go back to beers we tasted early on to re-compare them if need be. 
  • We simply pick our top three beers and give them 3, 2 and 1 points. The person with the most points wins. This will keep it simple to score and possibly make it a more positive affair (looking for the positive in a beer rather than focussing on faults). 

Does this sound like a plan? Fine the way it is? Other suggestions?

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I like your suggested changes. I would have done the "decant everything" approach at my place but I didn't have enough jugs.

I think it's reasonable that people provide a jug for each entry in future. I'd imagine that most people would have at least one jug and additional ones can be picked up for pretty cheap: http://www.storagebox.co.nz/product.php?id_product=179

OK, time to name the date.

8th September 2012.  On the shore as always, this time in Birkenhead.

More details as they come to hand.....



I've booked it in!

I'll have to be a 'maybe' at this stage as we fly out to the UK the following Friday so things may be a little frantic.

Sounds like a plan.





A little bird told me the date for this might change... Any confirmation of that?

I haven't had time to brew for this, so if the date could be pushed back, that will be swell. Brewing this weekend.

Is this still happening? I have a tiny beer, its designed for lactation but is pretty tasty even for those not lactating...

Hi all

Many apologies, the calender has run away from me and this has crept up way too fast.  By the sound of it a spate of over-employment and under-brewing has also dulled the enthusiam of the masses!

Can I suggest we postpone until the summer when time is not so short for most people?

However if anyone has brewed and feels let down, or if you just want to catch up over a pint, I'll be back in town on Saturday and happy to host an informal tasting by way of apology.  Say about 1530?

If you're keen post a note here or PM me and I'll send out address details for anyone who doesn't know.



So 16th June 2013 is the new date for the third in the series of Limbo Competitions.

My place: 36, Colonial Road, Birkenhead from 1500. 

Bring your beer and a jug for serving.

No entry from me. Too short a notice and I have no Limbo compliant beer in stock, and no time to brew beer ready for that date. Next time!


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