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Righto people. We are on the board. Case swap number 1 completed with 7 intrepid brewers contributing a brew each on the 15th of March.

How about if we start a thread for each beer we are discussing within this group, then it is easier to find the info and give feedback on the beer? Just title it with CS (Case Swap) + which case swap it is and what you put on the label of the bottle!

Here is an example http://www.forum.realbeer.co.nz/group/christchurch-case-swap/forum/...

First Case Swap I think we have:

Rob (Crusader-Rob)

Paul Finney

Paul Fraser

Douglas (Dougal)


Zane (Ralph) 


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Hi all,

A good first effort I would say. Some really good beers in there, and the variety was brilliant.


I ended up with another beer, a 7% Belgian. Who's was this? or was I just lucky?!



You were lucky. That was a spare beer I bought along to the case swap evening. It has a bit of age on it now, but it should be standing up alright.

nice one finney, very lucky. when are people keen to do another one??

Cha-ching! A bonus for me :)


I am happy to do this whenever as it is a good way of getting feedback on the beers. I think most of us are brewing at least once a month so once a quarter, or 4-5 months even wouldn't be too much of a hardship.

maybe 4 months or so might be a plan, although we havethe comps every few months, so it'd have to fall in the middle of those, for different beer feedback. maybe 3-4 times a year.

Maybe later in the year and NHC based swap or meet might be in order. I'm sure some people might be keen for that. I know I would be, as beer judges are different to peoples perception sometimes.


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