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I thought it would be interesting to find out where the best physical bottle stores are around NZ for Craft / Imported Beer.

So.. List your city / town, and the name of the store (and its address) and let the rest of us know where the best (Physical) places to buy beer are ( I know where the best virtual bottle store is :-) ).

Daniel Parker
The Beer Store

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Nelson: Fresh Choice (is choice bro), Collingwood St.
The Fresh Choice supermarkets in Nelson & Richmond are excellent
New Worlds in Nelson, Richmond & Motueka are also very good (the Mot one especially)
Even the Pac & Save has some craft beer :-)

You can also get riggers at most breweries, Sprig&Fern pubs and The Free House and The Moutere Inn

Nelson.......the centre of NZ craft brewing?
Sounds like I'll have to bring a rigger on my next visit to the Moutere Inn. We certainly are spoiled for choice in Nelson.
I don't buy much commercial/craft beer but have found good selections in AK at

Liquorland Newmarket - 480 Broadway, Newmarket
Hops and Grape - 19 Kalmia St, Ellerslie
Also most Glengarry's have an OK selection.
Closest, decent range (Emersons, Wigram, Epic etc): Liqourland, Riccarton Road
Best NZ Craft: Thirsty Bloke, Victoria St or Halswell New World
Best imported: Merivale Fresh Choice (also got a good NZ selection now, but it ain't chilled...)
NZ Craft and Imported: FreshChoice Parkland's
After visiting Halswell NW this morning, I'm changing it to best NZ Craft & 2nd best imported. I'm sure their range just keeps getting better, and Epic Lager 6-packs are $15.99 at the moment! Massively blew my budget on 3 Boys Oyster Stout, Epic Armageddon, Mussel Inn Golden Goose, and Emersons DunkelWeiss.
Everyone knows:
* Regionals
* Rumbles
* New World Island Bay

Most of the city New World's have a reasonably good selection.

Some might not know of an up and comer in:
* Centre City Wines and Spirits

I must say that Regionals have really lifted their beer game with Kieran in charge. I'm sure there is more to come too. It is conventiently on my way home so I spend the vast majority of my beer budget there.
I really hope they can source so Belgians!! as there almost an enigma there at the Mo!!!
Patience my friend..
Victoria Park- New World (great selection of local and imported)
Ashore-Birkenhead (I've plugged them in previous posts, but the have a great little selection and support SOBA)

Both address points are pretty easy to find. Victoria park, is on the western city fringe, heading towards Ponsonby. Ashore is on Birkenhead road, in the village, which isn't a big place.
Pak and Slave Porirua - Very good selection of imports and a handfull of NZ craft beer including
Epic PA& Lager 500ml
Moa Range
Dux de Lux range


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