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OK, the next North Welly collaborative Brewday is well into the planning, after sampling Matthew's Russian Imperial Stout we've decided we all need something to cellar.

So it's 'Takeaway RIS', planning to get 15 litres each after chilling to take home and ferment

The hop & grainbills are all sorted, easy as it's a rebrew of Matthew's. But the next question is yeast.
There's been discussion on the various merits of SO4 Nottingham and S05
I discounted Windsor as it wouldn't attenuate far enough - is that valid ?

What's the opinion on yeast for an RIS ?


Cheers, jt

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I've got one going at the moment with 1272. It's finished out now, got down to about 1.023 from 1.109, tastes... Rich :) Now to put it away for a long, long time.

Thanks Richard.

We're all dried yeast right now - so I'll take that as an '05 recommendation ?


Well, this is my first RIS so I'd avoid taking it as a recommendation of anything, actually ;) I'm just really excited about the beer and felt compelled to share.

In fact, I think the decision critera was seeing an old recipe of Soren's for a stout that used 1272 and having a massive yeast cake of it on hand...

I'd use S-04... it does really really well in these types of brews.

Yea ? We were just in the middle of talking ourselves out of SO4


I've got Nottingham, do you reckon that's more appropriate than '05 ?

Yeah - it's all about the Malt... so US-05 is OK, but wouldn't do as good a job due to the attenuation it will provide in the beer. It's a good all round yeast, but some dried ones can do a better job in some beers.
Yea, horses for courses.
Chris and i both have 05 in the fridge, and i also have some notts and windsor.
In the interests of comparison I'm using the Notts, Chris the 05 and Matthew the SO4

I think Matthew & I have the advantage, extra wort aeration on the drive home
Or should we pitch and ...drive away
I have an RIS kegged at the moment that I fermented with US-05. I chose 05 because I wanted a yeast that was a reliably good attentuator and that would remain fairly neutral if I needed to increase ferm temps to finish out OK. No complaints.
I reckon you should use 3 diff yeasts for the 3 diff ferments. Us-05, Notts & S-04. Would a great taste off.

3 diff yeasts for the 3 diff ferments. Us-05, Notts & S-04


I think that's what's going to happen !

I was going to suggest you pitch 2 different yeasts into the same batch: 04 for some rich flavour and 05 for attenuation. But fermenting separately with 3 different yeast would be a much better experiment. You can always blend them back together later if you think that will make a better beer...
Reckon we should get together every few months for a blending eh?


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