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Soooooo I been what I think is called harvesting yeast........Drawing some from the bottom off the conical, I have what I think is yeast sitting in a sterile jar in my fridge that has settled out with about 2cm of clear "wort" on top off it

Im trying to figure out what the next step is as I have been told two different things

1, Do I just warm this sample up to pitching/room temp and throw it into my wort when ready?

2, Make a starter and add that to the wort when ready?

If the starter is the correct way does anyone have an easy recipe for say a liter of wort using DME?


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I get the slurry out of the fridge and let it come upto room temp on brewday. Extra step is to cool and add wort so I have a starter going. Works well. 1 works fine too, its really just a choice of what works for you

I do a starter if its been in the fridge longer then 4 weeks (personal choice I have just warmed up and pitched before after 8 no issues),  I warm up and pitch,  I use 100g DME per L of water in the starter... I almost always do 2-2.5L starters in a Flask and boil the dme in water for 10 mins then cool this , with foil covering top so steam helps sterilise the top/foil etc

So I pulled my sample out last night while brewing.......Was good to see it start to bubble away while brewing as it was warming up........So I threw what I had into my cooled wort, Going to wait to see if she kicks off within 24hrs if not I will pitch some US-05 into her as I'm away for a few days and dont want it sitting for that long.....Fingers crossed she fires up on her own

If making an ale, I'd just allow to warm and then use straight away, if going into a lager or big beer a starter is the way to go to ensure optimum year health and numbers.  I use the Mangrove Jacks Light Reinheitsgebot  Enhancer about 1/4 cup / L with jug boiled water just to avoid reboiling with DME.

I starting ranching my yeast last year by mixing the slurry with an equal volume of 30% Glycerol water solution then throwing in the Freezer.  I tend to split one lot of recovered yeast into 3 containers before freezing.  All have recovered well so far, but do require a starter.

BYO.com has a good article

Cheers for the info.......It was a Zombie Dust clone so a simple APA and she fired up good in under 24hrs well happy that it worked......can subtract yeast from my bill now hahahahaha


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