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Hi there Brewers,

I spotted these water urns on TradeMe (they have 38L and 28L versions):


Just wondering if anyone has any experience using this particular model or similar? I guess my concern would be would the 2kW element be sufficient to give a rolling boil on 25-30 litres of wort? And the thermostat goes up to 110 degrees - is that enough to prevent it cutting out during the boil?



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Be warned - those guys advertise their urns as 38l and 28 but they really only hold about 30l and 20l respectively - the higher figures they quote include the volume of the space beneath the part that holds the liquid and contains the element and wiring.

I bought one and complained - the exchanged it for a larger one for the same price

The stainless in the walls is pretty flimsy too.

Thanks for pointing that out Druid. Have you encountered one of these models yourself?

Still, if it was just 30L capacity it could still just about pull off a standard batch BIAB (with sparge perhaps) eh?

Yes - I bought the 38l item.  They exchanged it for the next size up when I complained - that was a 48l urn (I think) but required a 15A socket and circuit because it used a 3.8kW element - so it never got used.

Sorry - can't comment on suitability for BIAB as I've only ever used a HLT/MT/BK setup.

For the prices they end up actually selling at (as opposed to the starting prices), I just decided to sort it out with a proper pot and a 3 ring burner as there wasn't a lot of difference

I have one but only use it to heat up mash and sparge water.

Aidan, I reckon you need to see John Slaneys setup if you are going BIAB, hes been busy flying the last few meets, but I think you have met him, his is made from an old H/W cylinder, so size is what you want, I can get these at scrap value whenever you want, remember its not ALWAYS A BLING THING. Oh and JS is also one of the top brewers in the great nation of brewers NELSON. :-D

Hey Evan, sounds like that would be worth looking into. I get the feeling that these Chinese hot water urns aren't the most reliable. I'll have to have a chat to John about it. How much can you get an old cylinder for?

Whatever it weighs in scrap, then cut off the top and do your thing and then drop the rest back in for a refund, Metalman has copper @ $7.20 a kilo and that seems a wee bit high, so couldnt imagine a cylinder fully stripped would weigh more than 10ish kilos. Txt Andre and have him weigh his for an idea, as he boils in a old copper.


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