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$50+GST / month


Wort Oxygenation... disposable O2 cylinders + mini regulators.


If I group-buy 3 or 4 regulators and 6 or 8 O2 cylinders from these guys, they will pay for shipping to wellington, and give us 10% off.

Its hard to ship O2 around the place due to being flammable, so I can only offer this to the wellington guys.... but if you aren't in wellington, I'll give you the guys details to try strike your own deal :)

Mini regulator:


disposable oxygen cylinder:


what you would get:

1xmini regulator

2xdisposable O2 cylinders

for: $227.70

The cylinders hold around 110L of oxygen, from what I've read, you would use 1L/min for 30 seconds into a 20L(ish) batch. which means one cylinder will cover you for a couple of hundred 20L brews.

Plus you can use it on your yeast starters.

You would need to get your own tubing, sintered stone, etc

Let me know if you want in on the deal or have any questions, etc....



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Awesome deal, anyone else in Auckland also interested in a group purchsse up here?

If you'll let Hamiltonians join in, then yes. ;)

No prob bob! I could drive the payload down at some point

Brent kindly alerted me to the fact these guys are based in Auckland ;P so if you ARE keen Grieg or anyone else from Hams, I could bring them down with me over NHC weekend

That'd be awesome, cheers. I can dump cash in an account in advance, or pay you on the day, whatever works for you. :)

Has anyone tried oxygen generators? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxygen_concentrator
Fleabay might be 200 usd but gives continual supply 80% o2?

I've wondered the same thing myself. I have no idea, but maybe its an issue with output pressure? These might not generate sufficient pressure to push air through a sintered stone like an air pump or gas bottle would. Aside from that it's also massive! ;P

Sweet, alright if anyone else in Hamilton is interested in this stuff too, please let me know by Monday (29th). I'll get funds off you on the Tuesday then bring them down with me on Saturday.

Additionally, if anyone is planning a MoreBeer order sometime soon, would love to jump in and grab a 0.5mic sintered wand. Happy to split shipping costs :)

To crank up a old thread - I'm looking at an O2 set up for my next upgrade. 

Is anyone else in Auckland or surrounds interested in joining forces to see if we can negotiate a bulk buy discount?


keen but rather just get 1 disposable tank to keep price down a bit...

Cool - I'll give them a call and see what sort of deal we can work out.


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