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Who has aged beer in wooden barrels, oak or otherwise?

How do you first clean them out and what about cleaning interbrew?

I have come across a few small 20L oak barrels that where made many years ago for Lion,  looking for advice on preparation before use.


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that link has some stunning links embedded cheers for that and thanks rob as well

we've been running a ful lsized barrel project for about 2 1/2 years now (onto Beer #4)

We had a POinot barrel, and started by putting a clean beer through it, aged for 2 months, to confirm if anything was i nthe barrel and to get it filled while we built up dregs etc.

then we brewed a flanders red, and threw it in for around 12 months or so.

then a porter style beer 8 months, and now a lblonde style beer which has been sitting for around 6 months now.

we found that sulfur sticks weren't great, and a simple hot water rinse and i think douglas used citric acic, for a bit more of a clean.

when its not in use, fill it with water to help keep it moist and it prevents some bugs from getting in there.


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