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Who has a spare stir bar that they are willing to part with?

So yes... as the title suggests - I need a magnetic stir bar. Mrs Liberty accidentally tipped my last one into the insinkerator and it lived there for several weeks taking some abuse from the mulchers in there. Now, the teflon coating is history. It's the 2nd time this has happened too - so I suspect it wont be the last.


I'm willing to trade for for a new one - I'm not unreasonable. Cash too - if that is the preferred method of payment. I have about 100kg of hops on hand and a tonne of malt if bartering is the preferred method of remuneration.




And beers.

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Nah - sorted it.


Was gonna go to www.labwarehouse.co.nz but they have a flat shipping rate for all items - including a $5 stirbar that would fit in an envelope. What makes it worse is these guys are actually in New Plymouth - and they wont do pickups, or consider a different shipping rate. Awesome customer service there guys...


Ended up shopping with http://www.thermofisher.co.nz/ and managed to get free shipping. Thats more like it.



Funny, I'm supposed to be doing a beer tasting for that lot at some point... they must have taste! ;)


Still, that said, I've had fantastic service from labwarehouse in the past so I don't want to be too harsh there!

I've had good service from them too - if you use the web interface, and pay and go... Don't get me wrong - that's how most online businesses go. They're as good as us in that respect: we had same day delivery for some equipment last time.


It's the small things that do it for me though - like when your in the shit (as in my case) and they appreciate that and work to help you out. Or not.


It's not a gripe or anything - just thought I'd share my experience is all.

Did TF waive the $100 min order?  They made me buy like five packs of pH strips haha.
They never mentioned it bro - just told them I was in the shit, and they manned up.
was gonna say bro I got a few kicking around

Cheers bro - you're the man!


I'll let you know come Monday if my new one doesn't arrive.



Just a note for everyone - labwarehouse.co.nz has free shipping on all orders before 16 December.....


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