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Where to find Malolactic Culture (wine) ((sorry))

Sorry to talk about wine on a beer forum but I cant seem to find a similar forum for winemakers in NZ.


I got given a bunch (actually a few bunches about 60L worth) of Pinot Noir grapes and am having a go at making some wine but I cant seem to find any malolactic cultures for sale in NZ.  I phoned brewers Coop and Dunedin Malt House and have googled a bit but cant seem to find any.  Given the amount of cold climate red wine produced here there must be some about.  Any hints on where to look?



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I'd just do some-cold calling. Try some of the smaller vineyards and just ask to speaker to the wine-maker. You'd be suprised what you could get if you ask nicely. Maybe make sure you could get a courier to pick it up or something and they might help you out. If you don't ask, you don't get.
i'm in the same boat,i advertised for a few grapes so i could try wine and the first call offered me over a ton! i had 4 offers altogether! i called a couple of vineyards with no luck-said they didn't use it, i'm going to call some more next week and see if i get any luck.

The guy I got the grapes off said that he would see what he could find for me if I had trouble finding it.  They have some at morewine dot com but it seems a little pricy at $35USD + unknown shipping, though that packet can do 66 galons and I only need about 60L worth. I guess thats not too much for the amount of wine but this is just a little experiment, I'm not about to become a winemaker.

If I get some I'll see about hooking you up with some.  White labs and wyeast and both make it, perhaps I could chase up the wyeast importers.

Found some at pros.co.nz

(they really need some search engine optimisation for their website, I really should have been able to find it with the googling I done)




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