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I have plenty of grain, but my mill hopper and base were damaged beyond repair in my last move. So, I was going to order the proper stuff or have Chris @ Banks brewing build a nice hopper / base for me. However, the lock down screwed all of my plans.

Although I am American, I have now lived in NZ long enough to understand the #8 wire mentality. :) Bunnings is closed, so I had to use what I could find in my garage to make a hopper & base. Gaze upon these pics of bodgery for a good laugh. (I will likely use some cardboard or laminate to build a slant in the bucket next.)

What are you folks doing during the lockdown?

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As long as it works thats all that matters right! 

I purchased a  packet of that dry lallemand Kveik Voss yeast last week

Put down a simple 1.042 pale ale, pitched @ 35c .. just sprinkled it on top  it started bubbling about 1 hr later, it was down to 1.009 the next day about 24 hrs later! but I left it another day at that temp then cooled it to about 4c for another couple then kegged it, put 12 psi on it, 2 days after that tasted it, it tastes clean and citrisy no off flavours no young beer taste still needs more carbing and clearing but...amazing yeast! 

That is absolutely amazing!

When the lockdown clears and it is easier to get yeasts like that, I hope to try some out. It would have been nice to have it before the lockdown! I just count myself lucky to already have a bit of grain on hand.

SOunds like a real good yeast Jamis!

Sawn off water cooler bottles make a good makeshift hopper.


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