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those of you that boil with gas,what type of burner do you use?

i 've discounted the 23 jet mongolian burners and the duckbill burners as they're apparently not adjustable so that leaves me with the 3/4 ring burners.

does anyone know whether its possible to get the hurricane/banjo burners over here? i'll be using bottled lpg so so it'll need to work with that.

any other options i've not come across?


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Mine's a straight-forward 3 ringer (Campmaster brand from memory) under a 50ishL kettle.  I use a ring of pavers on end around the kettle to create an 'kiln'/windshield, and get a great rolling boil with the outer ring on only about 50%.  So fairly efficient too.  Have seen folk (Tony?) suffer big reductions in post-boil volume - from 22L down to 18L - using the crazy boil of those ninja burners.
I recently upgraded from a 3 ring to a spiral burner (search Italian spiral burner on the Aussiehomebrewer forum) and an adjustable medium pressure regulator.
I found my 3 ring burner struggled to boil 50 litres when I made double batches and this combo works much better. In theory it throws out up to 20 kW, but the flames start leaping off the jets if you give it too much gas, so I don't know if it's quite that much. Better than a 3 ring too cause you don't get so much flame lost around the sides of the kettle.
From memory, the burner was $90 and the regulator made up with 1.5m of hose was $110, both from Gas Link in Christchurch.
No complaints, and it's a great wok burner too.

Dang, would not mind this sort of price on a burner... http://www.leeswarehouse.com/productShow.asp?id=636


Came across it while searching italian spiral burners...

...but imagine the freight :)

That's exactly like mine. I've never seen the Italian ones here but I think it's a Gasmaster or something.

Notice that it kicks out less heat than a 3 ring unless you use a different regulator.

Here's my arrangement which works well. I have since closed in all around the base to provide wind shelter for the flame if brewing outdoors.

I was eyeing up this burner.... but the auction closed while I was away so I missed out on it



Or there's this one which is pretty much identical to that one which is a 29.2kw output?


cheers for the replies fellas, i've looked at at a few bayou burners on amazon and i can get 2 burners with shipping for about $150,i never really looked into it before because i thought the shipping would be way to expensive, i was pleasantly surprised for once!

Hey Martin, which model are you getting? They look pretty good!

these are the 2 i'm thinking of,

this one for the boil kettle-


and this one for the on demand hot water/steam flash boiler i'm thinking of building-


it was about $150 delivered for both.

I got http://www.agrisupply.com/cast-iron-high-pressure-burner/p/30295/cn... and http://www.agrisupply.com/lp-gas-adjustable-regulator-hose-assembly... cost me $45NZD as had a mate bring it back from the states and it's awesome, blue flame at all settings.
that place is cheap! shame they won't ship to here!

This one is pretty close on the price: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0009JXYSW/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?i...


Dale, what is the time to boil for you? How many litres etc?



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