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I was going to say didn't this happen sometime last year... but then I realised I was thinking of Panhead's sale to Lion. If you look at the trends internationally this seems to be the MO for the big brewery companies to retain market share with craft consumption rising as main stream beer is falling - just buy it. 

It's quickly becoming a scenario wherer big breweries are propositioning these types of breweries.

The question has now become: "Do I buy this beer, which is owned by an international conglomerate?" rather than will the brewery turn to crap, as emersons and panhead have proven that quality of beer can be maintained with larger brewery ownerships (i.e Heineken/Lion)

I'd keep buying the beer as long as it tasted good - unless I should consider the Radler boycott?

I have never been a massive fan of their beer,  its fine but they still ask a special price, I would rather pay up and get

Liberty / Epic / 8Wired / ParrotDog / Garage Project     quality beers.

Lets hope this see's the Tui only pour at Eden Park Cricket games  diversify into Tuatara beers as well etc....

Wakachangi will be next!


Much happier to see what GarageProject are doing... and the wife is a big fan of Pernicious Weed.

46 containers.... going to be one big brewhouse......  taking on steam ?


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