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Anyone out there have an all grain clone recipe for Lion Brown? I know some of you lot might bork at the idea but hey, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

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search the site for NZ draught, there are a couple out there   

Thanks Peter! Searched so many combos but not that one

i would go pac gem for bittering all early no late...   go about 20-22 ibu

i would go a mixture of pils malt and pale ale, and i would use notty yeast

you will need to darken maybe a touch of crystal

I just made a marris otter pac gem smash with notty , not quite dark enough but could be same beer

some days you just dont want hoppy, we should do an NZ draught case swap

take a look here both druid's and bazzs are a good

start      http://www.forum.realbeer.co.nz/forum/topics/1500433:Topic:8?page=1...

druid taught me to brew his recipes and advice are good to go

pacific works as does mot but its a touch yummyer then lion brown

if you want more fiji bitter stick with 30 ibu of pac gem

Thanks again Peter, stacks of info for me to get started on.

Have a bit of an inspired idea, will see what BeerSmith makes of it and report back

Good luck keeping the flavour out of it!

'My understanding it is brewed with a pale malt and caramel added to get colour.

I made this educated guess for Speight's based on what they say on their websites. Pretty sure Speight's, Lion Brown, Canterbury Draught and Waikato are all the same beer now.

Matches up with the malts and hops listed on their website, and the EBC and IBU match.  As for the taste, pretty awful so bang on! You have to remember that they are all made with lager yeast now, but mine uses US05.

I've made both the one linked to and this one, and neither are particularity exact but very similar. It would be impossible to get it the same as they use adjuncts and colours to get what they want. NZ Breweries are the biggest user of white cane sugar in NZ!

3kg Gladfield Ale malt

.55kg Gladfield Medium Crystal

.5 Gladfield Biscuit Malt

.2 Gladiator Malt

5 grams of Green Bullet @ 60

12.5 grams Pacific Jade @ 10

12.5 Pacific Jade at 0

I hear somewhere the Original is actually similar. appretnyl a bitter recipe with all pac. jade or pac. gem, i can remember which, so chances are they're all similar ot a certain extnet.

they probably adjust their finishing hops and switch upo based on their std yeast strain..

oh and varying amount of simple sugar.

My old man got given the new export hop lager. for a xmas present from DB ( he's one of their suppliers of electrical gear).

i had one, and io tipped it out. tastes like cider. light struck and skunky, with far too much sugar. green apples woulbe be the best descriptor

yeah that beer is not flash

isnt that to much crystal malt... they are sweat tho

Cheers for the recipe! I put a brew down a few weeks later based on Peter's suggestion but tweaked to my tastes, hit all my numbers but miscalculated volume a by 3.5L somehow. Overall pretty happy with the result. Unfortunately it got infected :/ Had a plum tree outside dropping heaps of fruit, very similar mould/yeast growing on the old fruit so I suspect that's where it came from. First infection I've ever had. Bottled anyway as still tasted great. Had a very early bottle this week (10 days old), still good and no dodgy growths! :) A little bit buttery and a touch too dark in colour and flavour but still has a long way to go.

Going away for a few weeks for work, will have been conditioning for 6 (@15c) when I get back. Will post the recipe I went with and tasting notes when I crack into it.

On the note of bad beers, had a Moa Station IPA recently. Terrible! Rubbed grass meets a crappy pilsner.


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