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$50+GST / month


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So which one of you lot created this



Handy little price comparison chart, although it could do with an update and some more grains.

Has potential

Cheers, added the water profiles.


Rhyno, I haven't posted up the price comparison chart, just because it doesn't include all the homebrew shops, I don't want it to look like I'm supporting some over others, and you should support your local even if you have to pay another 12c per kilo of grain ;-)


Have added the brewery.org website.

http://www.brewery.org/ has a stack of information. Their libary is huge, even has a "Frugal Guide", very american though.
Can't see a link to this brewing calculator on the thread.  I think it is pretty good and the numbers it spits out have been very close to what I get: http://byo.com/resources/brewing

Cheap books from the UK with free postage, good for all your books really. Not Just brewing:


...and Fishpond.co.nz; also free delivery!


Used them a couple of times but to be honest I could have written the book myself by the time I got them. ;)

Tauranga Water Analysis:




Hopefully helpful to some.

thanx... really good set of sites.. :)

Has anyone got a Water Quality Report for the Papakura / South Auckland area?


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