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A random question for anyone who can answer.

I'm heading to Aussie for Xmas and I want to take a few bottles of my finest ale's over with me - I have a mate who also brews and want to share a few with him.

Can homebrewed beer be taken out of the country? I have brought back beers from oversea's with no problems -explosions or confiscations - but homebrew is a different story. I've emailed the Aussie DAFF - (MAF) but haven't heard back yet.

Any help is welcome - cheers

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I've had the same experience as Bambule,  I regularly take HBs back and forth across the Tasman  - sort of like mini case swaps that I do with the old man who lives (and brews) in Sydney.  When I've had more than 2L in my check in luggage I declare it - and usually get talking to the Customs about HBing and how its a great way to spend a lazy Sunday.  I'd recommend PET bottles - but also wrap them in a bag or two and seal them up - I've had one bottle burst (split across the bottom) in the un-pressurised hold.  I was gutted to not be able to share a drop of my newest NZPA with Dad after that one!

Thanks to everone who shared some wisdom - awesome stuf.

I got the official nod from the Aussie DAFF - see below.


Dear Dan

Thank you for your email.

In response, the beer is included in your passenger concession of 2.25 litres and if you go over that amount you pay tax on all the beer you import.


Senior Customs and Border Protection Officer
Customs Information and Support Centre | CE&CS |
Australian Customs and Border Protection Service


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