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A random question for anyone who can answer.

I'm heading to Aussie for Xmas and I want to take a few bottles of my finest ale's over with me - I have a mate who also brews and want to share a few with him.

Can homebrewed beer be taken out of the country? I have brought back beers from oversea's with no problems -explosions or confiscations - but homebrew is a different story. I've emailed the Aussie DAFF - (MAF) but haven't heard back yet.

Any help is welcome - cheers

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Your best bet would be to ring customer service with your airline, they'll be able to tell you what you can and can't fly with. I think as long as its not hand luggae you might get away with it.

just bottle it in a branded bottle. they wont ask. Flatty got homebrew back from oz in unmarked PET's piece of cake. I would actually suggest hand luggage so you know its going to get treated alright. Could Buy a bottle of duty free and chuck it in the bag with it, then stuff in your luggage.

Yeah - all my brews get put into 500ml bottles of every brand, shape and form, so I figured that would be sweet. Not goona go with the hand luggage - 200ml maximum and they're pretty strict on that one. Cheers for the advice guys!

I took a few bottles of home brew in my carry on over to the Gold Coast so I could attend a QLD case swap.


Customs guy stopped my bag going through the xray and asked if I had a bottle of sauce, and I said yeah but not the condiment lol


He was sweet with it, told me to enjoy it!! lol

Ahh, this was before that stupid 200ml rule - Funnily enough, in countries that have enough money, the 200ml rule is slightly different - you can bring anything unchecked under 200ml, but for example, LAX can scan bottles for explosive material, so I was able to bring back a few 650ml bottles on my carry on from the states, as they went through the scanner ok.


NZ and Australia are too poor/cheap to buy the scanner, so instead they restrict you to 200mls :o(

haha - I watch border control on tv and I've seen how hard they can be on some poor people.

I'm thinkin a poly bin inside my bag, packed nice and tight with clothes - then I can drink whats in there and refill it with some Aussie craft beers for the return home!

Hi Dan,


I recently took a 2.25L rigger and 2x 750ml plastic bottles of homebrew over to 'straya in my check in luggage.  If you're carrying over 2litres of alchol you need to declare it, which I did.  When I showed the aussie customs officer he patted me on the back and said good on ya mate and off I went.  No trouble at all.  Plastic bottles on the safe side I would suggest over glass

Hey - Bambule... You don't need to declare any alcohol when you visit New Plymouth. Just so you know.


I know it seems like we live on the other side of the world - but our local government is totally reasonable. You can bring as much as you like. Even in November.

Sweet,  I'd heard some of the officials may have required liquid bribes to get in, particularly those at the port.
awesome! thats what I wanted to hear - I don't like the idea of lying to customs officers... cavity searches scare me!!!!
a finger up the arse I could deal with, some man stealing/confiscating my beer is another story......
I've travelled in and out of Aussie with all sorts of booze and food; just declare it and say it is for your own consumption..


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