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I have read some previous threads on this forum about lpg burners but still have a few questions and would like some recommendations. 

I am about to start brewing 20l batches in a 30l pot. I have a gas hob inside with a wok hob rated at 13,000 BTU but my understanding is that I will probably need something more powerful. My partner would also rather I didn't leave the house smelling like a brewery and so I would preferably like to get a burner I can use outside with our 9kg gas bottle we already have connected to our kitchen hob.

I seems most people use 3-ring burners. Would something like this be what I am after?

This burner does not have a stand so would I need to set it off the ground? Could I just balance it on a couple bricks and then have the pot suspended above it on more bricks?

Also, what kind of regulator do I need? Something like this. Or maybe this. Or would this suffice?

The other option is getting this form Amazon for around $150 delivered but I would rather stay more towards the $100 range total.

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They are a fairly sturdy unit used commonly in the US for home brewing and turkey frying. (Honest!) I'll have a half dozen to begin with.

Is $100 going to be the actual price?

Yes. Well $99.

Karl, I notice you have a mistake on your website - http://wts.co.nz/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=24&products_id=32 mentions 23 litre keg, then says it's a 19 litre.

Did you sell out of the burners?


Well spotted! The perils of 'cut and paste', eh.

I've promised all of the first consignment on Hurricane Burners to various people but I will be getting more in before the end of March. Maybe I should up the price :)


Can you put me down for one so I don't miss out please karl?


Regulator, yes but only on-off. There's a tap which can control flow similar to the Bunnings / Mitre 10 offerings.

Hi Karl - Any update on the burners? I need to improve my set up as it cannot manage a full boil at the moment.

Hi Scott. Yup these will be in next Wednesday, 6th. The website has moved go the slightly more catchy www.allgrain.co.nz. I've presold all but one or two of these. Best thing to do would be to sign up at the website and opt to receive updates about this particular product and I'll give you first option. 

Hi Karl, Should I order one now through the website or is this unnecessary? I think you already have me down for one

Hi Joshua. I've put your name on one. Can you re-register at the new site again please?  Cheers. 


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