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$50+GST / month


Hi All,

Looking at getting a proper magnetic stir plate and some flasks from labwarehouse.co.nz

stir plate and flasks drop in price when getting 2, 6, 10, etc (varies per product).... anyone want in to save some $$?




I'm planning to get 2x1L and 1x2L flasks.



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Yup, I am in.

Sweet. you mentioned you wanted a stir-bar. which one? or was that a typo and you wanted a stir plate?

Yes me - 1 stir plate and no extra bars please. I've left you a PM.

Nice work.

Right, order placed.

Keep an eye on your inbox's guys (accept my friend request) for payment details and costs.

I didn't realise the prices were excluding GST, so add it to the prices I mentioned here.

Blurgh ! Got here too late. Can someone tell me the base diameter of a 2L flask. Im looking at making a stir plate and want to know how big to make the "plate"

Well the stir plates we are getting are 125mm or somewhere around there, the 5L flask will overhang.
I'm happy to provide some measurements when this stuff arrives, hopefully tuesday.

Thank you sir. That would be much appreciated

No worries, sorry you missed out. I'll let you know if I get anything else from them.

They have no shipping charges on orders over $100

That'll teach me for lurking in the shadows

I may end up doin an order myself. Ill post here if I do

Right, so it's been delivered!

I'll pull everything out and check it all tonight, but can't do it until sometime after 9 or 10pm.

Unpacked, everything is there.

All the flasks have some minor cosmetic scratching on the outside - I assume this is par for the course since all of them have this from 1L up to 5L.

Attached are some pics of a 5L flask with 4L of water in it, stirring up a storm.  It threw the normal shaped stir bar, although I didnt try and ramp it up slowly.... but the oval stir bar I bought, ramped up carefully worked a treat, as per pics.

I think the normal shaped stir bar would be fine in the 5L flask if you didnt try and flick it to max power immediately, hahaha!

Dunno what I would do if it threw a bar with a starter in there... add another bar and hope for the best, as you cant get the first bar out....

Enough rambling - I'll get hold of you guys that made purchases individually to sort pickup/drop off.  I'm brewing Friday morning, but I'm picking all of you will be working and not able to get to Melrose. Will be in touch tomorrow.


Guys,  on some other advice I've emailed the lab warehouse to enquire/complain about the scratches.

all the flask have external scratches, which can weaken them.

some have small bubbles which are difficult to distinguish between bubbles and chips in the interior.

I don't think it's going to matter too much for us - but be very careful with thermal shock.
If anyone is not happy with the flasks when you get/see them, I'm more than happy to sort out getting them back to labwarehouse and getting a refund for you.

In the grand scheme of things, these flasks were pretty cheap - I won't be returning mine, lets put it that way.


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