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Hi All, has anyone had a crack at making a spunding valve? Im mostly after where (in auckland ideally - but whatever) I can go to find an adjustable pressure relief valve 0-30psi or thereabouts? We've been pressure testing our fermenters and thinking about a KS stretch goal.. smashed 20k today, for which I think we have a lot to thank the folks on here. Wurd 

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I think keg resources have them, I've been wondering about trying out a 30psi safety release valve and a couple of days at 23-24 as a budget option. They have around 10% swing but worth a crack I reckon.

Thanks Sam, from what Ive been reading the theory is to enable the spunding valve a few days into ferment when you have chewed out a fair amount of sugar. Ill give Keg resources a ring tomorrow and see what they have, would like to brew in the weekend so that would be great if they have something. Totally worth a crack, cheers!

I got one of these


the gauge crapped itself almost immediately but bought a new 60psi one from the same seller for like $5 now its all good

Thanks Carl, sounds like a bit of bad luck. Ill just buy local cant be bothered with the wait. Cheers mate

Fair enough I would have too had they had them in stock when I ordered


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