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Hi folks!

I want to resurrect a recipe I made a few years ago, and need to find Special B to do this. (It has a very unique flavour in my opinion, and the substitutes just do not do the same for me.)

Is there any chance any of you have this on hand, or know of one of the homebrew shops that do have it? So far, the one's that I know of in WLG do not show any in stock on their websites.

About 300g would be ideal, but may be able to get by on 150.

Thank you!

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Hey Michael, good to see you !

Sorry, nothing fancy like special B in the stock at home - good luck with that

Great to see you as well JT! The forum does not seem as busy as it used to be years ago.

I am changing the recipe now, and will order some special B for a later brew. I anyone else in WLG wants some, then let me know and we can pool the shipping.

"The forum does not seem as busy as it used to be years ago."

I know! I have just gotten back into brewing now that I have space to brew, and my favourite forum is exceptionally quiet these days.

This place was "Epic" years ago :)

This place was "Epic" years ago :)  well said Rhyno,  I agree.

I have just recently got back into brewing too, this place used to be so inspirational. and busy!  Its like walking into your favourite old bar after being away for awhile, and its dead, abit sad really, what happened surely theres still homebrewing going on in nz, is everybody using the aussie homebrew forums or something

Im on HomeBrewTalk.com

Its ok, but not the same....


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