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Hey people, just a quick question.


Ive seen a few sites on the net selling sodastream bottle to CO2 regulator adaptors but im wondering if the pin valve on the bottle will actually open when it is screwed in. All the photos are side on so i cant tell. I would also love to get one with an on/off valve so it can be shut off if needed if they come like that.


Has any one used one? and if so do you know where to get them localy?  I would love to get it before the weekend of the 19th. Im getting quite excited as my project is coming to a finish!





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I have one that I bought from Craftbrewer in AU. It has a "stub" on the inside where there CO2 is screwed in which depresses the pin of the soda stream bottle. It works for me! :)


I thought I has seen them at Brewer's Coop.

In the long term its an expensive way to get your CO2, I looked into it and ended up getting a reg and ex BOC gas bottle. this works for me because I can get a refill for $10 down the road. Could be ok if you dont need to carbonate just dispense.

Thanks James. I will look them up.


This keg set up wont be used verry often as it only fits Lion brewery 25ltr kegs and its more of a gimmic for partys etc. I already have the regulator and every thing else so no problems.

Yeah I own two D bottles, but these are a PITA to carry to parties or camping.... soda stream is purely for the portability.

I got one from Craftbrewer also. I carbonate off a D size bottle and only use the soda stream when going to parties to push the beer out. It is awesome for portability and maintains a constant pressure unlike those little 12gm dispossible canisters. I also made up a 1.2 metre 1/4 OD Polyethylene picnic tap setup that is nicely balanced to run at 12-14 PSI without foaming...

hi, blackwood paykel sell a reg that gos right on to a sodastream  refill . it is how don't use there mig much 

you can make up a hook out of a bit of rod and hang the reg and bottle on your keg and head for the party

hey guys i know this is a old thread

However i was wondering do i need a regulator to use a sodastream bottle to dispense from 25 or 50lt kegs if i naturally carbonated them??

Also I have a rotokeg which attached the lever and bottle connection from an old sodastream machine to it so i can give a squirt of c02 into the rotokeg when the beer isnt pouring out very well.

Thanks in advance guys

Carbonating the keg naturally will mean it has some pressure anyway, but it's not going to be enough to dispense a full keg without some extra help. If you were running a beer engine you could do without extra CO2, but using a tap you'll need it.


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