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Hey ya'll,

I recall there being another thread similar to this for last year's recipes, figured I'd get a 2013 version started! (hint hint Barb, give us some Joppa Stout love!)

Martin asked if I could share my "Smell the Roses" recipe :) Happy to! 

This is a rad summer beer. Sorry to say, but it uses pretty tough-to-get hops. This doesn't use any random ingredients as the name may suggest, just a name with a bit of a back story. I'm providing the ingredients in % (grains) and grams per litre + AA% + IBU's (hops) - I do double size batches so you can work it out for your system from there.

Session IPA - "Smell the Roses"

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: ~60 (Using Rager)

OG: 1.055

FG: 1.013 - 1.015

Water adjustment

My water is pretty soft, adjust this to your system. I've added gypsum and Acid Malt to achieve the appropriate mash PH.

0.3g/L Gypsum in mash water (aiming for about 250 ppm if I recall)


91% Golden Promise @ 6.3 EBC (I used Thomas Fawcett, but am also a big fan of Bairds)

5% Medium Crystal @ 153 EBC (Bairds)

3% Munich Malt @ 16 EBC (Weyermann)

1% Acid Malt (Weyermann)

Hops (kettle)
I'm using Simcoe to bitter as it gives a lovely smooth bittering. The Cascade is intended to be a "layering hop", with two rockstar hops like Simcoe and Amarillo, I needed something to sit quietly in the background and tie the hop profile together. 

1g/L Simcoe @ 12% @ 85mins (36.7 IBU)

1.25g/L Simcoe @ 12% @ 20mins (15.4 IBU)

2.5g/L US Cascade @ 6.2% @ 10mins (9.5 IBU)

1.25g/L Amarillo @ 8.5% 0 mins (probably a few extra IBU's from this addition)

Other additions

0.1g/L White Labs Yeast Nutrient @ 10mins

1x White Labs Servomyces Capsule per 20L @ 10mins (Make that yeast happy for gods sake!)

~1g/L Koppafloc @ 10mins

Hops (dry)

From what I've learned over time, dry hopping is all about surface contact with the beer (duh..). I don't have a conical fermenter so can't rouse my dry hops using CO2. Instead, I split the dry hopping out like this to get multiple instances of the hops "falling through" the beer before settling on the bottom. I also do it across a temperature range to try get different characters out of each dry hop. This could all be hearsay, so by all means do what you think works best for your system. The "days" refers to how many days before kegging or racking the beer. You can see I have it at crashing temp for that last addition.

0.65g/L Simcoe & 0.65g/L Amarillo @ 7 days @ ~20c

0.65g/L Simcoe & 0.65g/L Amarillo @ 5 days @ ~10-17c

0.65g/L Simcoe & 0.65g/L Amarillo @ 3 days @ ~1-5c


White Labs WLP007 - This strain has been a favourite of mine for some time.. It has great attenuative properties (70-80%), and ferments very clean like an American Strain, but just seems to give the beer something a little bit special.. 

I grew up this vial over the course of a week, stepping a starter up to about 450b cells for ~40L. This is a bit of an overpitch. It was a very happy chappy when it went into the beer!


Mash at 67-68c for 60mins

Boil for 90mins

Chill wort to 17C & oxygenate well before pitching yeast

Raise temperature to 19c over first 36-48 hours

Raise temperature to 21c over next 5 days

Fermenation will finish quickly with WLP007 (she's a beast), allow the yeast to clean up for at least a week before crashing and transferring.

Start your dry hopping after 1 week of fermentation. 

WLP007 Drops clear well, so you probably don't need to Gelatin this. Feel free to if you want it super clear, but that hop haze will prevent you from getting it brilliant. 

Carbonate to 2.3 - 2.6 volumes depending on your preference

Drink in volume in the sun, with a BBQ burning, music cranking and laughter abounding.

OK, I think that's pretty much it! feel free to ask any questions you may have. 



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Courier leaves tonight.

Hey Richard,

I was very puzzled to receive a package from the Hamilton city council but was pleasantly surprised to find a bottle of beer inside. I don't muck around, finished work early and I'm getting into this now. Pretty impressive beer for somebody less that 10 brews in, good work man!

Hops jumped right out when I popped the cap, has that classic Jaffa like orange chocolate aroma I love in American Browns. The ferment is pretty clean, I'm just getting a hint of aceteldehyde as it warms up, but its very slight. Like you mentioned the body is great, I personally wouldn't try to dry it out any further if you brew again. Hop weight is really good also. My only suggestion would be to substitute a portion of that pale crystal for a mid-dark crystal, it just feels like the malt profile is missing something in the middle.

Very good beer all round, I'm impressed. Thanks for sending the bottle!

Hey man, thanks heaps!  Ok, so for a 20L batch, 4.6kg MO, .750 grms of Pale Crystal, .150gms Pale Chocolate. What volume of Pale Crystal would you switch up with Medium?  I'm REALLY happy with this beer (so much so I only have three bottles left) but always willing to take advice and mix it up a bit.  I mean, at worst, if I switch some of the grain bill and don't like it, I can rebrew and do it again.  yeah, I dont' want to change the body on that at all!

Try keeping a bottle back for comparison and brewing again with 500g of the Pale and 250g of medium or dark and see what difference it makes.

Oh, and the Jaffa...that must be the Citra hops!

I have brewed a number of variations of Janets Brown and got a gold medal for it back in 2011. Definitely one of my favourite beers to have around!

Thanks kelly, I brewed this a couple of week ago, and Just put my last dryhop (cold) into the fermenter...

Fingers crossed I've got it right (althouhg i had to sub amarillo). 

Okay, okay. I will now bestow upon you all the recipe for the Dry Stout winning beer: Joppa Stout

batch size is 24L. Your results may vary. (I am going to claim luck since my notes are a little weird and my kit is super low budget)

5Kg NZ pilsner

500g each light munich and chocolate malt

300g each dark crystal and roasted barley

Mash at 65C

90 min boil

25g styring golding (6.4%) at 60 min

35g Imp Fuggle (4.5%) at 30 min

8g NZ fuggle (7.3%) 30 min

12g Hallertau (8.1%) at flame out.

Yeast was SO5 which I grew up on the day. Ferment 9 days at 18C, 2 days at 20C then cold crashed before bottle. (brewed 17March2013)

Hey Barb, what was your OG/FG and IBU?  We require staaats!  ;)

I'm having  my first taste of the commercial release of this beer from Ridgeback brewing tonight and I've gotta say its a cracking beer Barb!  Well done and a well deserved win.  

My wife, whose very discerning with her beer choices, asked for a second taste and when I was going to brew a batch.

Take it from me,  that's the highest praise!  

Thanks for sharing the recipe and keep the award winners coming.


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