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Hi homebrewers

This year's NHC will be judged on Saturday November 5th and entries will need to be in by October 28th.

Keep an eye on the website: nhc.soba.org.nz and Twitter: twitter.com/soba_nhc for updates and opportunities to volunteer.  And in the meantime get brewing!



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Looks good and thanks for pulling this together!

Could IBUs be pushed up to 45?

I'd never really considered Three Boys Pils to be NZ-Pils style - don't get me wrong - I love it - was the beer that got me into craft beer but I always thought (although more than likely mistakenly) that it was more similar to a German Pils.

It's just logistics - BeerSpot have the space for collections and are nearby for us to scan received entries regularly

FWDC have the space available for the judging, glasswashing facilities and close to the tip for ditching a couple of hundred kilos of old bottles!

Takes a village...

Yeah, was just raising it just to remind people who may have missed it on the website and assumed to send them where they did last year (since it is being judged in the same place). I'm sure the world class entry system will remind us as well :)

I think this a a good thing

Only one bottle per entry will be required. This is to reduce the logistics effort for both brewers and stewards as well as reduce wastage of beer and bottles post-event. To allow for tie-breakers being needed for the major prizes each gold medal awarded will be independently tasted by the head judge and his notes used to separate winners. Obviously we will no longer have a back-up in case of opening a gusher so, although this was rare, the golden rule of sanitation is even more crucial.

So we're into the final stretch.  I'm guessing almost all entries have been brewed, although you might still be able to squeeze out a small one!

The NZ Pilsner has been added to the schedule - Category 0A

Entries need to be received at BeerSpot (54 Northcote Road, Northcote, 0627) between 17th-28th October - via courier or why not pop in for a couple of beers while you drop them off personally?

And anyone interested in volunteering as a steward at the judging just get in touch with us.  It'll be at Fine Wine Delivery Co, Constellation Drive, North Shore on Saturday 5th November. 



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