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So what is everyone entering?

Going to send in a Vanilla Porter, Dark Mild, and possibly a Pilsner.  More for feedback than any aspirations of getting good scores.

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Rhys, I spoke too soon too. We had another smash today. Luckily it was just one bottle out of a very large consignment, so we can still judge the beer, just won't have the backup bottle. Courier was PBT, but packing was awful. Lots of "external" insulation, but just 2mm of cardboard between the bottles! What smashes bottles is bottle against bottle contact. ALWAYS bubble wrap or newspaper-wadding between bottles. Never rely on slim cardboard dividers.

Current stats: 208 received out of 349 total entries. :) Only one bottle casualty.

It was actually sent with Post Haste, but perhaps they have a deal for local distribution in Hamilton with PBT?  Can't fault them for speed though.  Sent from Dunedin at 3PM and arrived at the destination about 9:30 AM the next day for a fairly reasonable price.

Just Curious - how many bottles - what was the cost?

Just under $80 for 36 beers and $8 to send the replacement broken one.

Wow - you've been busy Jared!

Must do. It had PBT stickers on it. Very weird. Courier delivery has been like lightning this year too. I heard from a chap in Dunedin who couldn't believe when he got the received email, as he'd only sent the box that morning! Dunedin to Hamilton in around 8 hours. Not bad service there!

Sorry greig. I'm just paranoid. Enjoy my beers.

Paranoia is not usually caused by hops, but more their cousin... ;)

Ha! :)

4 entries received and catalogued:

Robust Porter

Blonde Ale

American Amber

American Pale Ale.

Fingers Crossed.


Just want to add my thanks for such a well thought out website. Labels were handy too! You guys should definitely license it to other comps.
I concur!


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