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Hi folks,

Where are Aucklanders getting their CO2 bottles refilled these days? I discovered last night that I had a leak somewhere and my CO2 bottle was empty. I normally get it refilled at Pressure Check in Grey Lynn but when I called this morning the phone seemed to be disconnected.

Any other places that will refill converted fire extinguishers? Ideally on the Shore, but I'm not too fussy.



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Hi Martin,

I use this place. http://www.co2-bottle-refill.co.nz

They do it while you wait.


Awesome - thanks.

That link is the place that used to be in Grey Lynn - they were bought by Survitec last year. Still good guys, and easy to deal with, plus they do eftpos which Pressure Check didn't. There's also a place just at the end of Neilson St in Onehunga, called FireCorp who do CO2 refills.

While we are on the topic... anybody got a source to get a cellar gas mix so I can carb some beers on nitro?
Ditto to TBone (while we're on the topic) -
What's the dangers with using a CO2 bottle that you don't know what's been in it?
Looking at buying a 2nd hand bottle but don't know it's history ...

It needs to be hydro tested if out of test date, if it passes it should be safe,   if it has rust spots etc they wont even visually pass it...


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