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I'm planning to brew a red IPA soon. I was initially thinking of doing a single hop Riwaka brew, has anyone done this with good results? Otherwise, I have Citra, Simcoe, Amarillo and East Kent Goldings sitting in my freezer, do any of these pair up well with Riwaka?.



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Thanks for all the replies. Despite everyone's personal preferences the common theme here appears to be, don't use too much. With that in mind I'll build a hop schedule in the same way I do with Nelson Sauvin - always the backup singer, never the star. I won't be brewing this for a couple of weeks but will post the recipe when I'm done. Any other comments between now and then are welcome. Cheers.

Please do, I'll be interested to see how your recipe looks.

FYI riwaka goes well with Citra. :)

Bottled this today, it tasted great out of the fermenter although not as much aroma as I was hoping for. Maybe it will pop a bit more once carbed. Missed my OG by quite a bit, came out at 1.064 instead of 1.070, the White Labs Dry English Ale yeast chomped through it though and FG is 1.012!

Mash pH was a little on the low side too, 5.33 @ 25 deg C (so 5.03ish @ mash temp). Doesn't appear to have had any negative impact on the brew though.

Will report back once I've drunk a fizzy one.

This has turned out great, lots of toffee like maltiness with a big fruity hop punch. Pours very clear with a lovely red hue. I'm going to enter it into the NHC but not sure if it will fit best in Red IPA or American Amber categories. Recipe is below.

Brewlength - 21.5L (this is the brewlength I entered into BIAB calculator but the dry hops drank 2 litres leaving me with 19.5L)
OG 1.064
FG 1.012
6.8% ABV
IBU - 61+
Mashed @ 150 deg F for 60min
Boil 90 min

Grain bill
Gladfield Ale - 85%
Redback - 7.5%
Gladfield dark crystal - 3%
Gladfield medium crystal - 2%
Gladiator - 2%
Gladfield roasted barley - 0.5%
Gladfield sour grapes - 1%

Pacific Jade 35g @ 60min
Simcoe 25g @ 30min
Riwaka 25g @ 10min
Amarillo 50g @ 10min
Riwaka 25g @ 0min
Amarillo 100g @ 0min
Simcoe 50g @ 0min
Amarillo 50g dry hop
Simcoe 25g dry hop
Riwaka 25g dry hop

Fermented at 19 deg C with White Labs Dry English Ale yeast 1L starter for 2 weeks, dry hops added after 1 week and left in for 1 week. Crash cooled for 1 week before bottling.

Thanks everyone who chipped in on this thread.


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