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Thought it might be handy to have a thread for some of the more advanced brewers to give some advice on recipes.

Let's see how it goes eh...

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"I have read of guys using 2Kg of cherries, would this be too much for the Quava's?"

What batch size are you doing? If its a full 20 litre batch id suggest at least 2kg to start with, try if after its been on the fruit for a few days and if you think it needs more, wait a few more days WITHOUT ADDING MORE, then, if its still not enough its safe to add more..

In my experience with fruit beers it takes about a week to get all the nice flavors, but only a day or so for the color

I did a wheat beer with 3463 and had a couple of kilos of plums in the freezer chucked them in secondary (20l) , beer came out all good but next time i will use a little more fruit.

also looked at cherries but at the time they were 15 a kilo .I'm digging Feijoas at the moment so will put something down this weekend

Good advice Rev and Dan - thanks.  I've wondered about amounts, when to rack and time on the pulp. 

Here's another idea worth considering Cigar City guava grove saison

I brewed 10 litres of cream ale, and then put it onto 2kg of cherry pulp.


I brought the frozen cherries from the supermarket, which worked out to about $15/$20 per kg (not cheap - but sooooooo worth it)


In hindsight, I wish I used 3 or 4kg - The color was spectacular, but the flavour was a little bit lacking, even with a cream ale it was still more sublte  than I wanted.


Let it ferment for 4/5 days before racking onto the pulp, then leave it for about 3/4 days before having your first taste - I reckon a week to 10 days MAX, don't leave it longer than this, if it's still not where you want it, rack it onto a new batch of fruit - after a week or more you'll start extracting more nasty flavours from the fruit...

How did you end up getting on with this beer Scarfie?

In the end I decided I'd do a Pacifica/ Nelson Sauvin hopped American Wheat fermented slightly warm with a Kolsch yeast.  The aim is to try and accentuate the subtle fruity/ winey characteristics of the yeast to see if they compliment the guavas. 

I'm about to rack 13L onto 3kg pulp and leave for a few days - I'll get back on how it ends up.  A sneaky snifter of Richard Jack's Saison version last week was tasting damn fine.

Unfortunately they are still sitting in the freezer Tilt. I brew in ambient so have all my fermenters (4) full of lagers. I have a few other beers on the to do list, but will try something when i can rely on temperatures being a bit warmer. Your one sounds nice.

I'll post the results of my guava experiments then - hopefully they work out.  If they don't then at least they could help you with knowing what not to do when the temps warm up a bit.

Mine's come off the fruit now. I'm wishing that I had taken them out when you tried it, Tilt, the extra 2 days didn't do it any favours. The tanins came up significantly, I think we're now past "dry" and into "punishingly dry" :(

There's some bugs in there from the fruit, but, meh, who cares?

Still, it's certainly unique... next time I'd do a max of 4 days on the fruit and I'd try to get them in just before the end of primary. another idea is to limit the amount of skin that went in - I think that's where the tanin came from.

I'm looking forward to the next guava experiment, which is going to be an NZIPAwG.

Here's the base recipe for interests sake.

Recipe Specifications
Batch Size: 30.00 L
Boil Size: 42.22 L
Estimated OG: 1.051 SG
Estimated Color: 5.1 SRM
Estimated IBU: 17.9 IBU
Brewhouse Efficiency: 80.00 %
Boil Time: 90 Minutes

50% Wheat Malt
45% Gladfields Ale
5% Carared 

90min (FWH) 14.00 gm Nelson Sauvin
15min 10 gm Pacifica
5min 20 gm Pacifica
0min 10 gm Nelson Sauvin + 20gm Pacifica

Yeast: Kolsch fermented at 17-19 ramped over 4 days

I'm racking half onto the guavas and keeping the other half as a comparison

Thats a shame Richard - but there's definite promise with these.  If its just a matter getting to know the fruit and timing then there's always next season.  IPA and guava - now thats gonna hold some promise!

Re the bugs - I'm hoping theres a few viable ones still left on the frozen berries - I've got a small cider experiment sitting on a couple of handfuls at the moment too.

On tasting the beer tonight there was a touch of tannin starting to show through so I  racked off to let it finish off fermenting without picking up any more flavour or tannin.  This lot was 12L beer on 1.6 kg fruit for 3 days at 19degrees with a current SG of 1017.  The other half of the base beer is sitting at 1013 so I figure this one has a few points to go.

The flavour is fresh sour fruit with a smidge of almost metallic tannin - not unpleasant but I wouldn't want any more.  I think it needs some sweetness so I'm considering a touch of lactose before carbing  I'll now leave it another few days at ferment temps before chilling, fining and kegging. 

Hey Tilt - Have you heard of removing tanin with egg white? Think I'm going to have a lash with a sample.


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