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With a recent brew being a dry stout, and a few more stouts in the line up over winter, I've become interested in counteracting acidity in the mash. 

As I work my way through Palmer and Kaminski's "Water" I'm seeing that CaCO3 is unpredictable and too fiddly for me to be bothered with dissolving under CO2 pressure.  Bicarb soda is another way but it doesn't add any calcium and could end up in too much sodium in the mix.

They suggest instead using CaOH - slaked or hydrated lime.  The only types I can find I'd usually use for patching crumbling concrete or throwing on the compost heap. 

Does anyone know where to get this stuff at a food grade standard?

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Hey Mark

I use this for adjusting the ph and getting my calcium up. look for a product called Kalkwasser from Seachem… Most aquarium stores stock it. A Little bit will go a long way with Auckland water, about 1.8 or 2 grams for a stout sees things right but use a ph meter if you can.

Its also great for light beers as well when you need 50ppm of calcium but don't want to add too many sulfate or carbonate ions. A combination of that and acid malt can get things in the right zone without impacting flavor too much

Thanks Adam, just what I was looking for. I've not had much luck with health food shops or pharmacies. Hope the plans are coming together. Cheers


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