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This is quite amazing. See attached file (you may need to download it and open it with Adobe Reader)

The sooner this lunacy is challenged and defeated the better!

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I would think it pretty obvious that DB knew that Radler was a generic term internationally - why else use the name unless they knew it would have some currency in NZ among those in the know or as a novelty for those not - they didn't just pull it out of their ass? I must admit that my beer knowledge wasn't what it was when Radler first came out and I probably hadn't heard of Radler before but I instantly knew it was was a style as it just isn't something a mainsteam NZ brewer would come up with as a unique brand name.

Anyway, it seems to me that the popularity / commonality of the term in NZ is irrelevant - Radler was a non trade-marked, historical beer style. To me, that simply means it shouldn't be allowed to be trade-marked in NZ. A company shouldn't be able to monopolise value from a term of this nature in a region where it may or may not have previously been common - however, I don't make the law and this may in fact be perfectly legal. In which case, the law is BS and should be changed.

The other thing is that if people had never come up with the BS idea of mixing good beer with Lemonade, then none of this would be an issue! (no offense to Green Man)
Radio Live; 9.10pm tonight (Saturday). I'll be presenting SOBA's case...
Geoff is on at the 21.15 mark, about 6mins into the stream.
Bruce Holloway strikes another blow for justice. http://www.stuff.co.nz/waikato-times/news/2612701/Beer-row-ferments...

Apparently the print copy has "that" horrible zombie photo of yours truly. It frightens animals and small children... hopefully it frightens DB too! ;)
Mate, you look like someone has just told you the only beer your allowed to drink from now on is Monteiths's Radler(TM).
Scared the sh!t out of me. And we're going to Chicago together! Better take a gun with me.
Don't shoot zombies. It's cruel.
Someone added it to wikipedia, so I tidied it up and made it a little more neutral. See here.
Interesting Wikipedia entry. To add to it, when I was in Chile several years ago they were drinking a mixture of Orange Fanta soda and light lager, called it a Fan-schop (schop being a term for beer if I remember correctly). You'd think it would taste like rubbish, but it was actually refreshing on a hot day.
This story is a classic bullyboy abusing power to maintain market share, and interesting even for non (real)beer people.
So why no coverage in the herald or TVNZ?
Big boys code of silence?
You know, I hadn't even thought about that. The Herald is just really anti-beer in general. I'm not surprised there. Maybe TVNZ know how much I hate SOEs? ;)


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