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This is quite amazing. See attached file (you may need to download it and open it with Adobe Reader)

The sooner this lunacy is challenged and defeated the better!

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I've just posted a pdf on the beers available...
You should raise this for discussion at the AGM... there was some excellent discussion last year (amongst those few who turned up).

Another article about the Radler case. I have to admit I was a bit taken aback to be called up by the Wall Street Journal...



Wow, SOBA hits the big time.

I'm just glad that with all this positive press, not a single media outlet has picked on the delicious irony that is a bunch of beer nerds taking on the corporate bully, to protect shandy.

They will now! ;)

i find it surprising that none of the articles (the ones i've read) manage to point out that the beer they stick the trademarked label on isn't an authentic version of the beer style they've trademarked.


the article talks about shandy and full strength and no eyebrows seemed to be raised!

Well putting my ex Fairfax manager hat back on...... That would require analytical and investigative skills.

There is no money in front line journalism for that kind of expensive malarky without compromising the bottom line. ;-)

Hmm... Green Man and Campbell Live just reported on Facebook that the decision is back and is in favour of DB!? Such a sad day for common sense, but a great day for corporates/lawyers

You have got to be joking, I would love to hear why they think DB is in the right

Also does anyone have a complete list of the beers that DB makes/imports.

I need to know so I can tell people which ones to boycott!

from their wikipedia page:

Amstel Light

Budejovicky Budvar

DB Bitter

DB Draught


Export Gold








Bulls Eye

Double Brown

Reading that list, I suspect Erdinger is the only one I might have bought... and then probably only if it were the one drinkable beer amongst the rest of the DB range.


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