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Hi all

Have just built a HERMS system

My main intention for the HERMS setup was clarity of wort, control of temp and hoping to increase efficiency, depending on mash temp ofcourse.

Am wondering about recirculation schedules

Do you all recirc for your full 60min? or do you have a rest interval at dough in, then recirc for say the last 45 minutes?
This is assuming a 60min mash of course

Also any thoughts on hot side aeration with all that wort constantly running through the sparge arm dissolving unwanted oxygen.

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My build is based on www.theelectricbrewery.com and is a E-HERMS (electric) I recirc constantly throught out the mash and have yet to try a step mash. Other than mashing in and doing a mash out step at 75c for 10 min.

I'vr only brewed with it twice and my efficiency has increased both times as I dial my system in more, have recently purchased a mill so I can mill a bit looser in the hops of getting a better mash and more efficiency.

Thanks for the replies, I assumed you recirculated for the entire time, its nice to get a confirmation I'm on the right route.

Looks like I have alot of experimenting to do

Hi Ray,

I'd recirc for the whole period, my first set up was made like this and the wort was always bright and clear.  I've only ever mashed for 60 minutes and tested the first few times with iodine from memory and it always appeared to be finished a lot sooner but the hour long mash suits me pretty well.

I always recirced through a shaped pipe outlet so it had little to no splash, this was from direction from the guy who helped me design it (Dennis Collins from the US - hermit brewery I think his is called, long time since I spoke to him though).  Not sure if that was for HSA though.  Guessing only time will tell.  If your beers tend go off in flavor in the bottle or keg after a period of time you'll know it's an issue.  Some of the pro brewers might know though.


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