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Does anyone know approx how much a craft bar will pay for a keg of beer?

Say a 7% IPA?

I found this blog from Dominic Kelly - http://theliquorladder.blogspot.co.nz/2012/11/the-price-of-beer.html

Are the figures still accurate?

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$380 for 50L to the general public if that helps...

Prices for imports have risen a lot lately thanks to the plummeting NZD. That would be the main change since that was written.

Thanks Dominic - So you would say that an average NZ keg would be in the range of ~$350 to a bar?

I'd be wary of saying that. There are a number of good breweries who never make anything that expensive and a few whose prices are usually over that. And it depends a lot on style.

Probably the single fastest selling style even amongst "craft" brewers is pilsner. The average for that would be under $300. For IPAs, depending how hop-forward and alcoholic it is, you'd often pay over $350. (Talking GST exclusive of course.)

Are you assumptions you made on you blog post still valid, i.e. 15% for distubtors mark-up and 200% for bars? I guess the big question to compare between your analysis and a keg from the local bottle shop is what is the mark-up the liquor store is applying?

Distributor markups are probably heading up. 200% for bars is probably still true. Bottle stores are usually 25-35%.

Isn't panhead a bit cheaper than the rest. I know it's the case with there bottles.
For a 50lt keg prices vary greatly even just for NZ breweries... You could be paying wholesale anywhere from $250 to $450 exGST. To answer your question, a 7% IPA would probably sit in the vicinity of $300-$400.
But then again you are paying close to $200 wholesale for a keg of NZ 'brown' beer (tui, Waikato, Speights etc)...so craft beer can be easily seen as good/great value imo!


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