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I have brewed 4 beers now on my new system and I seem to have an astringent bitter flavour coming through on my beers

Ive just brewed a Light APA 18IBU and tasting the fermenter it has a very bitter taste, I was hoping this would go away so I kegged and after two weeks fully carbed its still there and quite unpleasant.

sanitation is not my strongist point but i do my best I keep everything clean with starsan, is there something else I can use to make sure everything is clean.

I have just brewed a cider and a ginger beer using the fermenter with no off flavours in it so it must come down to my equipment(Mash tun Kettle, IC or my techniques.

I use a controlled temp to ferment and cold crash before kegging my beer is crystal clear with no nasty bits floating around it has a great mouthfeel and head retention with a lovely note of styrian and riwaka but tastes like crap.


Any Ideas welcome


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Could be a polyphenol type thing... who crushes your malt, and how are you calculating yout IBU's?

Hi Jo

Malt is crushed by brewers coop, which hopefully counts that out and the IBU is calculated by brewpal on iphone, by memory it was around late additions of around 6grams each and a 60min hop of around 15grams which seems about right

I am happy to send out a sample if u PM me an address

Do that - I'll be able to tell you exactly what's going on there.

What were your bittering hops? I've learnt the hard way that some bittering hops have a very harsh bitterness that can take months to mellow out.


I used 15g @ 60min of styrian, I had planned to use NZcascade but forgot to pick some more up.


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